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Aggressive marketing strategies with proven results based on ROI and inbound lead volume.

Revenue Cycle Management

State of the art medical billing designed exclusively for the substance abuse and mental health provider.


Here at Lux In Via we value your needs. We understand there are a lot of moving parts that go into keeping a treatment center up and operational. We take the time to find out who you are and what you stand for, and then take it from there while addressing your ideas and concerns every step of the way. Lux In Via understands this industry and we value your work.


We believe that taking care of your needs as far as making sure a treatment center is up and operational with minimal problems is important so you can focus what really matters, your clients and their treatment. It’s not uncommon for a treatment center to go through company after company for medical billing or marketing or any other service. Here at Lux In Via we have the leading companies and their services on standby, ready to serve you. We personally handpicked the companies that we suggest and make sure they standby and believe in their product and how it can help your business.


Our goal is to set the bar in this industry for how a treatment center should operate. We hope to create a stamp of approval that the businesses we work with are top of the line and should be recommended to all who are struggling with addiction and/or mental health.

“I opened a treatment center with a few friends of mine in 2009 right after the OxyContin epidemic started. Business was going great in the beginning, and most importantly we were helping people. After a few years had passed things started to get more and more complicated. We were having a hard time keeping our beds full. Not to mention all of the outside calamity that goes along with owning a business in this field. From dealing with insurance companies and running VOB’s, to going through marketing company after company, there was always something that was coming up. We started looking at options for either selling or closing our business. We found Lux In Via through one of our friends in the industry and decided to give them a chance. Since then I have been able to take a step back from all the chaos that comes with owning a treatment center and take the time to focus on what really matters, helping the people who come through here. Thank you Lux In Via.”

– Kelsea M.

Luxinvia Mission Statement

Our mission at Luxinvia is to provide the most efficient marketing for treatment centers by eliminating wasted resources, increasing digital visibility, and allowing the primary focus to be taking care of the clients. We sought to develop the most ethical, accurate and cost effective way to reduce cost per acquisition for the behavioral health and substance abuse industry. We thrive on knowing we are helping to build healthier lives, and we are guided by honesty, integrity and perseverance.

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